What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an art, a science and a skill that uses gentle pressure and manipulation of the feet, hands, body and ears. Reflexologists believe that the foot, ear or hand mirrors the body. We use a compression technique on specific spots on the hands and feet that energize and rebalance all organs and parts of the body.

How Does Reflexology Work?

Reflexology is a safe, simple and effective method for healing and maintaining health. Reflexology encourages homeostasis of body function, a state of relaxation for rest and repair, and improved circulation and energy flow. Overall improvement in health and well-being is a common response to this very enjoyable hands-on technique.


Benefits of Reflexology

  • Restore your sense of well being and health
  • Release tension, stress
  • Relieve pain, discomfort and symptoms of disease
  • Enhance your vitality and energy
  • Enhance muscle tone
  • Promote relaxation and improve your sleep
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve your circulation
  • Stimulate low energy and depressed areas
  • Reduce over-energy and over-stimulated areas
  • Restore your system’s balance
  • Develop healthy body image

Price Guide


Adults – 30 Min – $40.00

Adults – 60 Min – $65.00

Children (4 – 10) – 45 Min – $45.00

ADD a chakra clearing to your reflexology treatment for $30.00

Package Deal:

Children packages will be reduced by $5.00 each session in packages of at least 5 sessions.

Make a package of at least 5 sessions and each session will be reduced by $10.00.

5 Adult Reduced priced sessions = $250.00 (Savings of $75.00)

We will also allow you to combine all 3 of our services in a package.


  • 2 reduced Reflexology = $100.00 (reg. $130.00)
  • 2 reduced Ion Detox = $50.00 (reg. $80.00)
  • 2 reduced Reiki = $120.00 (reg. $150.00)
  • = $270.00 (reg. $360.00)

You can choose how many sessions or each service you would like in your package!

Gift certificates are available.

Reflexology is covered by many extended health care plans.

I’ve Got The Touch is a member of RRCO “Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario